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October 8, 2019

Mini Sessions are a big part of most portrait photographers’ jobs. And as I’m sure you’ve noticed, starting in the Fall, mini sessions really take off!! It seems like every time I open up Facebook, I’m seeing a new advertisement from a photographer! I totally get that seeing them so often can get overwhelming! And I began thinking… I’m not sure if most people know the true benefit of minis! So here is why I truly believe that at some point, everyone should book a mini session.

Back to School Mini Session by Megan Renee Photography in Wauchula, Florida.

Photos are precious memories. I say it all the time, but it’s true. Think about how many times you’ve sat down and looked at old photos from a special time in your life. I’m sure it wasn’t that long ago! Pictures are timeless. But in the business of everyday life, it can be hard to make booking a photo shoot a priority. They take lots of time and, many times, a good investment as well.


Mini sessions are a perfect way for every busy family to get quality photos at a fraction of the time and the cost!

The biggest positive I hear from my mini session clients are: “These short sessions are perfect for my kids!” It’s true, sometimes, depending on your kiddos, an hour long session can be hard on them. While I do my best to keep it fun & laid back, they aren’t always feeling it! So these 10 to 20 minute mini sessions are a great option for them! They are in and out, everyone leaves happy & you get amazing photos!

Fall Mini Session by Megan Renee Photography in Wauchula, Florida.

Another great reason to book a mini session is if you’re interested in trying out a new photographer, but you’re not ready to invest in their full session yet. With such a quick session, you’re able to get a good sense of who they are & if they’ll be a good fit for your family! If you end up not loving the final photos, you won’t have lost too much. But if you do love them, then you will know for a fact that you’ll get the same amazing quality and attention when you book a full shoot!

Trick or Treat Mini Session by Megan Renee Photography in Wauchula, Florida.

Around the holidays specifically, our calendars fill up quick!! So many families want photos for Christmas cards & all the fun festivities! Hosting mini sessions is a great way to ensure no one is left out. So if you reach out to a photographer and they’re schedule is full, see if they’re offering mini sessions, you may still get a chance to work with them!

Christmas Mini Session by Megan Renee Photography in Wauchula, Florida.

Just know, mini sessions shouldn’t be a substitution to booking a full session with your photographer. I believe so strongly in the value of having quality images as keepsakes forever, and you can so many of those when booking full sessions. Mini sessions should be looked at as a fun and easy way to get some affordable new photos in between booking full shoots.

I offer so many mini session opportunities and would love the chance to work with you and capture your family. Feel free to contact me here and see what I’m offering now! Thanks for reading!!




Why Everyone Should Book a Mini Session

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