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April 23, 2019

I get asked all the time… What is a bridal session?! I had no idea back when I added them to my packages how rare they were here in Florida!

I spent four years up in North Carolina attending Gardner-Webb University and studying Photography. Bridal sessions there were so popular! Every wedding I second shot or every bride I spoke with wanted one, but when I moved back here to Central Florida, no one knew what they were. Apparently Bridal Sessions are more of a southern tradition, but I am determined to make it a Florida thing too!

Bridal sessions of Dallas, Magdalene & Anya

What is a bridal session?

A bridal session is basically a time for you, as the Bride, to play dress up. You may think this sounds silly or isn’t worth the extra money on your package, but I challenge you to consider it. Think about how long you’ve dreamed of the day you’d find your dream wedding dress. Remember all the happy tears shed & hugs shared when you finally found it. Think about how beautiful you feel every time you put it on. THAT feeling, that beauty, those memories deserves to be captured.

I tell my brides that it is a perfect time to practice getting your hair & makeup done by whoever will be doing it on the wedding day. Most likely your hair & makeup artist will want a trial run anyways, so why not make it worth while?! Then after that, slip into your dream dress, let’s hit up your venue & take some photos!

Why should I consider a bridal session?

Like I said, you’ve dreamt of this your whole life. It’s finally here, and I believe that you deserve to be spoiled during this entire process! This is a time for you to see the full picture before your big day. I always recommend that we do your bridal portraits at your venue, if we are able to. Not only will it, of course, make for a beautiful backdrop, but it will allow me to find the best locations for photos when your wedding day arrives.

Also, a big reason that I think all of us girls love… you get more photos!! Maybe we don’t all love getting our picture taken, but we all love the feeling of getting them back & looking through a beautifully edited and designed gallery. Adding on a bridal session ensures you get more photos of you in your dress for your house one day or even as a special gift to your hubby later on!

Don’t worry, bridal sessions are never shared publicly before your special day because I know how important the big reveal is to brides! But you will get them beforehand to use them for whatever you need. Lots of brides even like to print one out to display as decor at their reception!

Bridal sessions are worth the money!

You only get married once and you want it to be special. Take advantage of every opportunity you get. Decide what is and what isn’t important to you & base your planning and decisions off of that. I promise you, a bridal session is worth the add on & something you’ll cherish forever. Feel free to ask me about my packages to see how this is included & how you can have a bridal session you’ll never forget!


Bridal session of Brooke

Why a Bridal Session is a MUST

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